More on the Coptic Apocalypse of Daniel

Frederic Macler’s articles in the RHR 33 (1896) * discuss the various Apocalypses of Daniel.  He knows of nine such texts; six in Greek, one in Coptic, one in Armenian and one in Persian, and lists the publications (p.33f).  Clearly it was a popular vehicle to express your sentiments on your own times!

The Coptic text was printed by Woide, Appendix ad editionem N. T. graeci e codici Alexandrino, Oxford, 1799.   This is a folio volume of 140 pages; let’s hope it comes online.  The manuscript is in the Bibliotheque Nationale, fonds copte, no. 58.

Macler notes in his article that none of the texts exist in French translation, and that producing one would be of more service to most people than a scholarly article.  Consequently he prints a translation of the Coptic and Armenian texts.  The nine texts have no real relation to one another, or so I gather.

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