Apocalypse of Samuel of Kalamoun

I mentioned earlier this Coptic text which records the abandonment of Coptic for Arabic.  A query to the Hugoye list produced a lot of info:

A text and translation can apparently be found here: J. Ziadeh (ed./tr.), “L’apocalypse de Samuel, superieur de Deir el-Qalamoun”, in: ROC 20 (1915-17), pp. 376-92/392-404. 

I’m not sure if this is online anywhere, but if it is I might translate it.  It does seem to be one of the Revue de l’Orient Chretien volumes which is NOT online.

The subject is discussed, including the Apocalypse of Samuel,  in Zaborowski, J.R., “From Coptic to Arabic in Medieval Egypt,” Medieval Encounters 14:1 (2008), 15-40.

And here comes something about the apocaltytic context: Martinez, Francisco Javier, ‘The King of Ruum and the King of Ethiopia in medieval apocalyptic texts from Egypt’, [in:] Coptic studies: Acts of the Third International Congress of Coptic Studies, Warsaw, 20-25 August, 1984, ed. by Wlodzimierz Godlewski, Varsovie 1990, pp. 247-259; and more about the transition process: Rubenson, Samuel, ‘Translating the tradition: some remarks on the Arabization of the patristic heritage in Egypt’ Medieval Encounters: Jewish, Christian and Muslim Culture in Confluence and Dialogue, 2 (1996), pp. 4-14;

Another recent discussion of the Apoc. Samuel of Qalamun, setting it in the context of 10-11 cent. Egyptian church politics: Papaconstantinou, Arietta. “‘They Shall Speak the Arabic Language and Take Pride in It’: Reconsidering the Fate of Coptic after the Arab Conquest.” Le Muséon 120.3-4 (2007): 273-99. Also, as part of his forthcoming study on the Christian Arabic apocalyptic tradition, Jos van Lent has been working on the manuscript history of this text. Some of his findings were presented at the IACS in Cairo last September.


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