Corpus Scriptorum Historiae Byzantinae

This collection of 50 volumes contains the Byzantine historical writers. Thanks to Google books these are online, and thanks to Les Cigales éloquentes we can access them. The editions are not always reliable; but they are sometimes all we have.

This list is copied from there:

Dexippus, Eunapius, Petrus Patricius, Priscus, Malchus, Menander, Olympiodoros, Candide, Nonnos, Théophanee, also the panegyrics of Procopius and Priscianus
Ducae, Michaelis Ducae nepotis
Ioannis Cinnamus, Nicephore Bryennos
Ioannis Malalas
Leo Diaconus and various texts on the “Histories”of Nicephorus Phocas and Ionnes Tsimiscis
Nicetas Choniates
Theophylactus Simocatta, Genesius
Michael Glycas
Merobaudes et Corippus
Constantinus Manasses, Ioel, Georgius Acropolita
Ioannis Lydus
Paulus Silentiarus, Georgius Pisida, Nicephore Constantinopolitanus
Theophanus Continuatus, Ioannes Cameniata, Symeon Magister, Georgius Monachus
Georgius Cedrenus
Georgius Phrantzes, Ioannes Cananus, Ioannes Anagnostes
Codinus Curopalates
Leo Grammaticus , Eusthatios
Laonicus Chalcocondylas
Georgius Codinus
Historia politica et patriarchica constantinopoleos, Epirotica
Michael Attaliota
Constantin Porphyrogenete
Theophanis (with the Ecclesiastical History of Anasatasius Bibliothecarius in volume 2)
Georgius Syncellus
Anne Comnene
Jean Cantacuzene
Chronicon Pascale
Georgius Pachymeres
Nicephorus Gregoras

All of these are in Google books, apart from volume 3 of Zonaras which is at


7 thoughts on “Corpus Scriptorum Historiae Byzantinae

  1. Les agradezco muy cordialmente su amabilidad al proporcionarnos un instrumento de trabajo tan útil y completo como el CSHB. Soy un profesor de Filología Griega de la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona y pertenezco al Comité de Dirección de la Col·lecció Catalana dels Escriptors Gracs i Llatins, que desde 1923 publica ediciones de los clásicos con el texto crítico y traducción catalana. Esperamos tener con Vds. una relación fértil y cordial. Atentamente,
    Francesc J. Cuartero

  2. Dear Roger: has recently published a lot of items of this great corpus, with a better quality than the googlebooks volumes.

    The number at this day is 45, from 1 to 50, the volumes not included are:


    You can check them with this string:

    I’m added too a copy of this results to the PLGO website:



  3. Roger,

    I recently ran across this mention of CSHB in J.B. Bury’s introduction to Gibbon (here):

    “The Bonn edition of the ‘Byzantine Writers,’ issued under the auspices of Niebuhr and Bekker in the early part of this [nineteenth] century, was the most lamentably feeble production ever given to the world by German scholars of great reputation. It marked no advance on the older folio edition, except that it was cheaper, and that one or two new documents were included.”

    But like you said, sometimes they’re all we have.

  4. I think that I was aware that the Bonn edition did not enjoy a great reputation. But then … who today, other than the Sources Chretiennes, are even attempting such large projects?

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