Coptic Paul found!

The ps.gospel of Judas was sold together with three other manuscripts.  I have never been able to find what happened to one of them, which contained a Coptic version of three letters of Paul.  From Christian Askeland at Evangelical Textual Criticism I learn these excellent tidings:

Along with Codex Tchacos (= the Gospel of Judas Codex), two other codices were found. One of these contained the Pauline Epistles. This codex was sold about a year and a half ago and has been sent to Augsburg to be restored by Gregor Wurst. Apparently, it is also Sahidic with considerable Middle Egyptian influence. A picture has apparently been published of one side of a relatively intact leaf of Colossians in Ink and Blood Dead Sea Scrolls to the English Bible. Is there anyone out there who can send me a scan of the photo from this publication? The pamphlet was created as part of a traveling exhibition. cha25 [a]

In the comments he adds:

Gregor Wurst gave a paper at the International Association of Coptic Studies Conference in Cairo this last summer, and revealed the details posted here. In my notes, I have written “~13 fragmentary leaves, Galatians and Colossians”. Hans-Gebhard Bethge (Humboldt University, Berlin) is editing the text.

I think that these fragments were bought at an antiquities auction — not on eBay, although I am aware of the eBay incident. 


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