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The CSNTM team have discovered twenty-three (23!) previously unknown New Testament manuscripts in their trip to Athens.

There’s a post on how obtaining a reader’s pass for the Vatican library can allow you back-door access to the Vatican in general.

There is also a post on what search terms bring readers to the blog; which turns out to be stuff like “devil’s bible”!


5 thoughts on “Manuscript news at Evangelical Textual Criticism

  1. Considering how libraries are run in Greece, this is no surprise. A few years ago 2 sceletons were discovered in the Greek National Library. The perpetrator (who commited his crime over 100 years ago) guessed correctly that noone would actually go through the library enough times to find the bodies …

  2. Love the story! You don’t have a link to the story online, do you, in case I’m suspected of starting an urban legend?

  3. The story actually dates to ca. 1990 when there was a renovation at the building of the national library. I will try to search some online newspaper archives but I am not optimistic.

  4. You are very right, it has all the workings of an urban legend. I did look back to the archives of the Kathimerini and To Vima newspapers but they are quite recent, one dates back only to 2001 and the other to 1997. I did find some ver interesting articles in the archives though concerned with Greek manuscripts all over the word, an interview with the Vatican library and other similar scholarly stuff, if anybody is interested and can read Greek

  5. Thanks for the update. Yes, we have to be so wary!

    Are there links to these articles? Google have a Greek machine translator online, you see.

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