Coptic Museum Library — restoration of mss in progress

This lengthy article in Al-Ahram records that a team of conservators are working over the manuscripts in the Coptic Museum in Cairo.  This collection contains not merely Coptic texts but also Arabic Christian manuscripts.  Thanks to Andie Byrnes at Egyptology News for this one.

The interest in the collection is welcome.  But… how can we access the mss?  How can we get reproductions?  There still seems to be no way to contact them using the internet, which is astonishing.  Especially when there is a website here.


2 thoughts on “Coptic Museum Library — restoration of mss in progress

  1. BYU has a copy of significant portions of the collection of the Coptic Museum, as well as the whole of the Coptic Patriarchate — what a treasure!

    With any luck, Hill Monastic Library will turn their attention to Egypt when they have finished their work in Turkey, Lebanon, and Syria. Their labors have already changed the contours of the field of Christian Arabic studies.

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