Photos of Baalbek

Some nice photos of decoration on the monuments at Baalbek in Lebanon here.

I so want to go to Baalbek.  Unfortunately it’s located in the Bekaa valley, which is where the Hezbollah are currently hunkered down and doing their gun-running from Iran.  I can imagine three doors at the site entrance: “Men”, “Women”, “Hostages.”

I can’t talk about Baalbek without reproducing the 19th century Roberts‘ picture:

David Roberts at Baalbek
David Roberts at Baalbek

4 thoughts on “Photos of Baalbek

  1. It’s pretty safe to go there. There are daily excursions from Damascus. Unfortunately, I was discouraged, for the same reasons as you are, when I was in Damascus last year. Now I regret my cowardice.

  2. I know, I know. But Damascus is one thing, the Bekaa another. Better to be here, wishing one was there, than there, wishing one was here.

  3. I’ve been to Baalbeck in 2001 ( and for those who whish they can fin pictures at the adress ) and can assure you no “men, women, hostage” signs hangs on the site. Access does not pose too many problems even if it must be said that on certain religious dates the Hezbollah does indeed close the place. I was lodging in Beyrouth at the time and we had a clear road ( in a tourist bus ) all the way to the site, the visit being completed by the one of the site of Anjar.
    All in all a very pleasant trip even if the group did not go to the “Aphrodite” round temple but did stay on the acropolis.

  4. Thank you for your note and the link. Interesting that the weather wasn’t very good! Clearly it is important to go later in the year. Certainly in Cyprus the weather is not reliable until after the end of April; probably it is the same in Lebanon.

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