Eusebius, Quaestiones ad Stephanum/Marinum under way again

It seems like ages since I last reported on this project to produce a professional-standard English translation of the Gospel questions and solutions of Eusebius of Caesarea.  The translation of the Greek was completed early this year, but needed revision. 

The translator of the Greek has now begun the process of revision of the translation.  This was definitely necessary, as the process of translating all the fragments from catenae revealed areas where the text of the main witness was defective, or had not been correctly understood.  So it seems possible that by the autumn the Greek will be completely done.

The Syriac and Coptic fragments begin to seem as if they will never be completed.  It seems impossible for me to find anyone who will undertake to do them, and then actually do it!  I may have to publish what I have, and just accept the fact that I can’t get this done.  Shame.

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