More notes on QuickGreek

I’m continuing work on a piece of software to help me translate from ancient Greek to English.  One problem has been the time taken before it finishes starting.  When it takes 10-20 seconds on startup, just to load the various dictionaries, you quickly weary of it.  If you want to look up two words, you find it very annoying.  Since I am running it repeatedly, to test things, I’ve got very weary of it.

I’ve now got the load time down to a couple of seconds.  This is still rather longer than I like, but obviously a lot better.  The downside of this is that it takes marginally longer to parse each word.   I tend to work with only a few hundred words at a time, so this is not too onerous.  The processing time for my test text (of 386 words) is about a second, which is acceptable if not wonderful.


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