Works of Origen extant in Greek

In the introduction to the CUA translation of Origen’s Homilies on Jeremiah, it states that only the following works  of Origen have survived in Greek: several sections of the Commentary on John; several sections of the Commentary on Matthew; Contra Celsum; On Prayer; Exhortation to Martyrdom; Dialogue with Heracleides; 20 homilies on Jeremiah; the homily on 1 Kings (1 Samuel) 28 (the Witch of Endor); plus a bunch of fragments from places like the Philocalia.  The remainder survive only in translation, mostly in Latin.


2 thoughts on “Works of Origen extant in Greek

  1. Could you perhaps provide me with, or tell me how I could get access to Origen’s Commentary on Matthew in the Greek? (Or at least all known fragments of it?

    Thank you.

  2. I have no special knowledge on this. An electronic text might exist in the TLG — have a search in the “canon of authors”. If not, you will need an edition. This will be a GCS edition, I would guess.

    Pardon me if I don’t search for you — I am very busy!

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