Origen update – the ride’s back on

After sleeping on the problem, I’ve decided to continue with the translation of Origen’s Homilies on Ezechiel.  After all, just translating and uploading three would look a little sad, I think.  If my translator is willing to continue, then it will go ahead.  The only difference is that it will be much more difficult for me to sell any copies of a printed edition, so probably means that I just have to accept that I’ll lose the cost of this.  Oh well.  Fortunately I can afford it.

UPDATE: the translator has agreed to continue, and I have received the first draft of homily 3 which I will read over tomorrow night.  And I’ve thought up some possible new sales approaches on printed copies to help with the costs.


2 thoughts on “Origen update – the ride’s back on

  1. If you have any idea ahead of time what kind of prices you’re thinking I might be interested in getting this, either for myself or as a gift for an old theology professor.

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