The limitations of PDF textbooks

We all know that textbooks are often best in searchable PDF form.  But yesterday I came across a case where they were not.  I wanted a French grammar, so that I can brush up on stuff for Agapius.  I found a bootleg PDF, thereby saving myself $25.  But… I found that what I wanted to do was read the thing in bed, just a bit at a time, skip pages, and generally absorb interesting stuff by osmosis.  I needed a book, in short.

So, yes, I went out and bought one.  It was the only way!

Worth remembering, when we talk about the death of the book.  Only some books will die.


2 thoughts on “The limitations of PDF textbooks

  1. I would second that, except now with Kindle (or Sony or other types of electronic readers) able to natively add PDFs, I think that may be the rout to go. At least I am thinking of such.

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