Syriac Eusebius “Quaestiones” fragments almost complete

Excellent news on the translation of Eusebius’ “Gospel problems and solutions” (Quaestiones ad Stephanum/Marinum).  Two more of the Syriac fragments — those printed by Mai — appeared in my inbox over the weekend.  Only one more to do!

I also obtained some splendid colour digital images of unpublished Syriac fragments of the same work from the Mingana library.  We need to look at these, of course; and finally, to revise the whole version of the Syriac.  Apparently the Syriac isn’t that close to the Greek, although it is written in quite good Syriac.

In addition, I heard from the translator of the Greek.  He has resumed revising the whole translation of all the Greek, and is part way through the fragments.

Also a friend has translated a second Coptic fragment for me.  It looks as if we’ll be done by autumn.


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