English translation of the Coptic history of Al-Makarim?

The medieval coptic history attributed to Abu Salih by the first editor, B.T.A. Evetts, was published in a complete form by Bishop Samuel al-Suriani in Egypt, in five parts and two volumes.  I learn today that he may also have completed an English translation, available from the St. Shenouda Center in the USA.  Their bookstore is here.  Unfortunately the details I have are infuriatingly vague, as are the details on that page.  I wonder if it is true?  If it is complete?

Pity it isn’t online, if so.


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  1. details:

    The churches and monasteries of Egypt and some neighbouring countries : attributed to Abû Sâlih, the Armenian / ed. and transl. by B. T. A. Evetts ; with added notes by Alfred J. Butler.
    Series: Anecdota Oxoniensia. Semitic series ; 7
    Publicist: Oxford : Clarendon,
    Year of publication: 1895.
    physical details: XXV, 382 p., ann.

    I have requested it from the university library. I will try and look it in tomorrow or the day after.

  2. Gorgias Press issued a new printing of Evetts a few years ago: nicely bound and highly readable, and includes all of Evetts’ original work (translation, index, and edited Arabic transcription).

    I’ve noticed some references at this blog to the 1992 translation of sections of Samuel al-Suryani’s further volumes: avoid it! It’s a terribly inaccurate translation (grammar and idiom).

    Also, questions about authorship should also refer to Johannes Den Heijer’s work on the authorship of “Churches and Monasteries,” as a companion to his work on the authorship of “History of the Patriarchs.”

  3. Interesting indeed – thank you!

    You refer to the translation of the al-Suryani text — is this from personal experience? I.e. have you seen a copy? Nowhere I know has one, nor can I tell where to get one.

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