4 thoughts on “Russian site with loads of original language Greek patristic texts

  1. Dear Roger,

    I have been away for sometime and miss your site.

    I am sorry that I am posting this in the wrong place, but hope you would be kind enough to make it an independent topic.

    I draw your attention to the plight of this brave Egyptian thinker, Dr Sayyid Al-Quimni, who is battling the powers of darkness in Egypt and has been threatened by death. I think we must all put pressure on the Egyptian government to provide maximum security to Dr Al Quimni and ensure freedom of expression and free thinking in Egypt.

    A petition to be circulated to all intellectuals in the free world would be great.

    Please, find about this in the following link, with comments from a few, including one by me:



    Dioscorus Boles

  2. Thanks for your note Dioscorus! Hope you had a good time while you were away.

    It’s an important issue, I know, but I don’t think it’s appropriate for this blog. I do highlight such things from time to time, but people come here to read about patristics. So I will leave this comment here, but not push it any higher.

  3. Thanks, Roger. Please, delete it, as it is not the right place for it.

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