4 thoughts on “PDF files of New LXX translation online

  1. And I guess the world really is changing. Like Linux vendors, academic presses will have to make their money elsewhere. (And academic monographs—even this one—are money losers anyway…)

  2. Yes, we can hear the wind of change blowing. The world of academic publishing will change beyond recognition in the next 10 years, that is certain.

    PDF copies of academic texts are not ideal to read, but superior for searching purposes; and which of us has not stared at a wall of books with a sinking heart, knowing that a key idea is in there somewhere.

    Oxford have done the right thing to make these PDF’s available. After all, if they didn’t people would just create pirate versions, because the demand for searchable PDF’s is there. But we will still need copies we can hold in our hands, at least until proper ebook readers are invented.

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