Jona Lendering is holding a dagger under his myrtle-branch

Or so I learn from this amusing post by him, announcing the availability of Plutarch On the control of anger on Bill Thayer’s site. 

It’s great to see so much Plutarch becoming available, of course.  And giving a classical dress to our frustrations is what an Athenian would do.

Here in the UK, the corrupt representatives of the populares, their togas heavy with Egyptian gold (or Libyan, at least) are slow-wittedly moving towards an Ides of March scenario for their erstwhile darling, the one-eyed Caesar, Gordonius.   Who, I wonder, will be Anthony?


11 thoughts on “Jona Lendering is holding a dagger under his myrtle-branch

  1. Jona Lendering is on the Islamic Republic pay list. His job is to undermine the pre-Islamic Iranian history.

    Anyway, he is just a small timer pesudo-historian, and his papers have no weight in the academic world. As soon as the Islamic regime collapses, he’ll be forgotten too.

  2. Is he really? How much does he get paid? Can anyone apply?! (=humour)

    I’m more than willing to “undermine pre-Islamic Iranian history”, for money, but how do I go about it? What do I have to say, to get the money?

    Surely everyone knows that Persia is Persia, that it was a great power in the East in classical times, and was the source of the “Arabian nights” and most of the medieval Islamic culture? How does one “undermine” that?

    I don’t know whether Jona is a scholar or not. But his online resources are a splendid thing, and far better than most stuff online.

    I’ve not met you — I hope you can understand my sense on humour on reading your strange-sounding comments! — but who are you, and why do you care about this? (Ignorance on my part)

  3. Hey Roger

    You are absolutely right – Jona Lendering is insignificant and incapable to damage Iranian history!

    However, isn’t it a coincidence that he, as well as the Islamic Republic, both pathetically hate Cyrus the Great?

    It seems Jona Lendering has devoted his life just to attack Cyrus by any means possible, spending hours daily on Wikipedia, or writing papers attacking Cyrus or anybody write about Cyrus (like Dr. Kaveh Farrokh)

    As for his website, it is quite primitive and far from informative!

    However, after Googling your name (Tertullian.Org) and Jona Lendering, it seems you both post messages regularly together – though I don’t think this is a Doctor Jacqueline and Hide case, but it seems you two know each other very well, and that’s why you are defending him!

    Finally, as for me not knowing you, you are right – however, one thing sure, you need to work on you sense of humour 🙂

  4. Do the current government in Tehran hate Cyrus? Didn’t I read that they had just refurbished his mausoleum? (and quite right too)

    But I admit total ignorance on this. It sounds a bit like a modern political dispute transposed to ancient times, and of course I’m a non-combatant on that. My knowledge of Iran, ancient and modern, is minimal.

    Just thinking, I have thought about trying to get some knowledge of Middle Persian literature. Unfortunately I don’t think there is a decent handbook in English on this. The obvious one is in German, which I only read very slowly. Maybe one day.

    Jona’s site, tho, IS good, and it’s pointless to attack this, whatever disagreements one might have with him. Claiming his site is no good just damages the credibility of those who claim it.

    Jona and I do correspond and are online friends, since we have related interests, especially in putting ancient material online.

    I don’t think I know enough about all this to sign petitions, or to get involved in this one; and, hey, I’m not really interested either.

    Someone asked me if I was Jeffrey Gibson. For enough money, I could indeed pretend to be Jona Lendering. Hey, perhaps I should post a price list; so much to pretend to be this person, so much for that. I’d charge quite a lot to pretend to be Britney Spears, tho. Just think of the makeup costs!! 🙂

    But what would I have to wear to be Jona!?! A tee-shirt saying “I hate Cyrus the Great”? 🙂

    But I think all this is off-topic to my blog, so I think we ought to desist talking about Jona.

  5. Nanaz, thanks for your comments and the link! Hey, I had to remove the first two, as this blog isn’t the place for a personal attack on Jona Lendering. I get on OK with Jona, and I don’t know what the issues are anyway. But I have left your third comment with its link, so those who do want to know can follow it.

  6. Would anyone thinking of posting any more comments please NOT just post reasons why they don’t like Jona Lendering? Comments like that are off-topic on this blog. I’m sorry, and it may be an important subject; but this is not the place for it, and it will be deleted. Thanks!

  7. I don’t know anything about the man. I kind of thought that
    the Islamists were doing a fine job of undermining pre-Islamic history, but my real concern here is that Jona
    wrote the only coherent article on the web that I can
    find about Nehellania(not Islamic or pre-Islamic) and
    I’ve been googling him to thank him.

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