Back to normality

Today I came to the end of a very pressured project.  Ah, the relief!  Mind you, it also means I have to find a new job, but not for a couple of weeks.  Isn’t it funny how we all have what we think of as our ‘real’ selves, and all this earning a living stuff just gets in the way?

There’s been quite a bit of progress.  The translation of Hunain ibn Ishaq’s treatise on reason and religion went online.  The first draft of the 11th homily by Origen on Ezechiel has arrived!  In fact the Origen project is progressing by leaps and bounds!

I need to follow up a couple of points from the last couple of posts. 

I’m told there is a translation with introduction online of the Oeconomica of Ps.Aristotle, and that it is indeed in three books.  I’ll post a  link when I get to it.  The first book is fairly short; the second consists of lists of ways to extract money with ancient examples.  Most of these consist of either someone who has overwhelming force; or else examples of low cheating.  The third book only survived in a medieval Latin translation.

One of the exciting discoveries of the last week was the news that Nero’s famous rotating banqueting hall (or rather floor) had been found, with some of the mechanism intact, on the Palatine.  Again I need to collect some data on this.


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