Revue de l’Orient Chretien online; list of Syriac-related articles and links

There is a very useful list of links to the ROC, with details of the Syriac materials in them, here. The volumes are all at in complete form, and the scanning was sponsored by Gorgias Press, who thereby deserve our gratitude.  I thought the list could usefully appear here also:

Revue de l’Orient Chrétien

Volume 1 (1896)

Because of an error in printing, some pages of this volume are out of order.

Volume 2 (1897)

  • Étude sur les parties inédites de la chronique ecclésiastique attribuée a Denys de Telmahré (+845). — Nau. pp. 41-68 (Syriac/French).
  • La vie de Mar Benjamin, traduite du syriaque. — R. P. V. Scheil. pp. 245-270 (French).
  • Vie du moine Rabban Youssef Bousnaya, traduite du syriaque et annotée. — Chabot p. 357-405 (French).
  • L’Histoire ecclésiastique de Jean d’Asie, Patriarche Jacobite de Constantinople (+585). — Nau pp. 455-493 (Syriac/French).

Volume 3 (1898)

Volume 4 (1899)

Volume 5 (1900)

Volume 6 (1901)

Volume 7 (1902)

Volume 8 (1903)

Volume 9 (1904)

Volume 10 (1905)

At the end of this volume there is an index of vols. 1-10.

Volume 11 (1906) (second series, tomus I)

  • Étude supplementaire sur les écrivains syriens orientaux. — Addai Scher pp. 1-33 (French).
  • Analyse de l’histoire du couvent de Sabrischo de Beith Qoqa. — Addai Scher pp. 182-197 (French).
  • Analyse de l’histoire de Rabban Bar Edta, moine nestorien du VI siécle. — Addai Scher. pp. 403-423 (French).
  • Note sur un manuscrit syriaque (commentaire des psaumes d’apres Théodore de Mopsueste) appartenant a M. Delaporte. — F. Nau. pp. 313-317 (French).

Volume 12 (1907) (second series, tomus II)

  • Analyse de l’histoire de Rabban Bar Edta, moine nestorien du VI siécle (fin). — Addai Scher. pp. 9-13 (French).
  • A propos de une édition des Oeuvres de Schenoudi: la version syriaque des prieres de Schenoudi, de Jean le Nain, de Macaire L’Égyptien et de Serapion. — F. Nau pp. 313-328 (French/Syriac).
  • Traduction de la chronique syriaque anonyme, editee par Sa Beatitude Mgr. Rahmani. — pp. 429-440 (French).

Volume 14 (1909) (second series, tomus IV)

Volume 15 (1910) (second series, tomus V)

Volume 16 (1911) (second series, tomus VI)

Volume 17 (1912) (second series, tomus VII)

Volume 18 (1913) (second series, tomus VIII)

Volume 19 (1914) (second series, tomus IX)

Volume 20 (1915-1917) (second series, tomus X)

Volume 21 (1918-1919) (third series, tomus I)

Volume 22 (1920-1921) (third series, tomus II)

Volume 23 (1920-1921) (third series, tomus III)

Volume 26 (1927-1928) (third series, tomus VI)

Volume 27 (1929-1930) (third series, tomus VII)

Volume 28 (1931-1932) (third series, tomus VIII)

Volume 29 (1933-1934) (third series, tomus IX)

Volume 30 (1935-1946) (third series, tomus X)


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  1. Dear Roger, do you know why the beginning of Volume 27 is missing:
    F. NAU, Quelques nouveaux textes grecs de Sévère d’Antioche, à l’occasion d’une récente publication, in ROC 27 (1929). p. 3-30 ?
    With my best regards,
    Dominique Gonnet

  2. Hello Roger, it has been some time since we were last in touch. Having completed my translation of Brockelmann’s GAL some years ago, I am currently translating the complete Geschichte des Arabischen Schrifttums by Sezgin, 17 volumes in all. Volumes 1-3 have already been published, and volume 4 is scheduled to be released soon. Sezgin’s work contains a wealth of interesting material not found in Brockelmann’s work. So please inform your readers about this important Brill initiative. Here is the link to this publication:

    Best regards from Holland,
    Joep Lameer.

  3. Thank you so much! I was unaware of your work with the GAL, so that too is exciting. I will blog about all of this!

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