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I am continuing to revise the Wikipedia Mithras article.  I’ve added a whole load of material about the earliest archaeological remains, none of which can be securely dated earlier than 80 AD as far as I know.  There is quite a lot to be gleaned from books present in limited preview on Google books, and fortunately “Fullstop” continues to send me pointers and citations, which helps quite a lot.  I hope that this effort will dispose of some of the sillier “Jesus=Mithras” stuff that goes around.

Mind you, my heart sank yesterday at a brand new piece of idiocy; someone is now claiming that loads of pagan deities were betrayed for 30 pieces of silver.  It is, of course, untrue.

I’ve also returned to translating Firmicus Maternus work against the pagans, which isn’t online (but will be when I’m done).  It is a storehouse of minor snippets about paganism.  There are many such sources, which we don’t ever think of. 

Plenty to do!


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  1. You and Fullstop’s labor is not in vain; here in Iran – I am writing these words in Shiraz – I could refer a friend to the improved Mithras article!

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