Light from the ancient East

After scribbling about the Paris magical codex, and giving a link to a “preview only” version of Adolf Deissmann’s Light from the ancient East (1910), I wondered if a full version was around online.  Perhaps I might scan that spell of pagan exorcism from it, I thought.  Off I went to Google books; but no joy! 

I’m so used to finding stuff there, that it was actually a shock to find so many “snippet” versions.  So I went to, and found it there.  Relief!

4 thoughts on “Light from the ancient East

  1. I think so, although I’d need to check the introduction to be sure. But Deissmann prints the Greek text, so it is entirely possible that it was retranslated direct.

  2. Apparently not; the translator made the English direct from the Greek, although with reference to the German version. He also elected to use Jacobean English. But apparently there is nothing of this sort in the Greek, and it was introduced solely because material which paralleled that in the bible needed to be in a similar form to that used ca. 1900, or might go unrecognised. I feel no compunction, now we all use modern English translations, in reverting that.

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