Books to read when you have a cold

For the last three days I have been observing the “season of mists and mellow fruitfulness” in the traditional manner, by going down with a cold, a runny nose, a sore throat and a temperature.  Fortunately when I moved into my current abode I did the calculations of radiator size appropriate for each room and purchased with a lavish hand, and the temperature in here is therefore sub-tropical.

Lying around is all very well, but something to look at helps.  Cartoon books such as Asterix help.  But I have also been looking at the detective novels of Lauren Haney.  Set in northern Nubia in the time of Hatshepsut, at the fortress of Buhen, her detective is a lieutenant in the Medjays police.  Among those I have read is the Right hand of Amon.  Unfortunately all these novels seem to be going out of print.


4 thoughts on “Books to read when you have a cold

  1. Wish you a very quick recovery. Is it the swine one? Have you taken your Tamiflu?! It is distributed like pieces of cake today.

    Thinking of swine and your readings of Egyptian novels in your season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, I thought of searching for novels or articles about swine/pigs and the Egyptians, only to find my screen inundated with myriads of sites talking about Egypt’s latest crime in culling the most hated animal in Islam – all adding to the contining persecution of the poor Christian Copts who farm pigs in Egypt.

  2. Oink!

    No, I haven’t got swine flu; just ordinary cold. The story here is that the vaccine against swine flu comes in two versions; pandemrix which is being given to ordinary people, and some other version which Important People are getting, which costs more but has less side-effects. Hmm.

    That business in Egypt was a bad business, I agree.

  3. As a health worker I had mine three weeks ago, and have not had any problems apart from a sore arm for one night which took me to bed a bit earlier. By next day I was perfect!

    I do not know which one of the two vaccines I got, but that tells you only of the ignorance of some of the health professionals.

    I honestly think it is good for everyone to take it (which ever one). In my hospital, where all staff were supposed to have had it, I haven’t heard of bad side effects.

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