The anniversary of the death of C.S.Lewis

… was yesterday, 22nd November 1963.  Few people so unrecognised by the establishment have had so wide an influence, on me as on many.  He provided a framework for Christians to think about what they believed.

Much as I like his theology, I do wish he’d written more fantasy.  I loved Out of the Silent Planet, and Voyage to Venus, and of course the Narnia stories.  That Hideous Strength has been described as “a Charles Williams novel written by C.S.Lewis” and correctly in my opinion. 


6 thoughts on “The anniversary of the death of C.S.Lewis

  1. To me, his Christian writings have been more influencial, particularly Mere Christianity. To him, and to this book, I attribute my reconversion to Christianity in 2008 after I had lost it in 2006/7. My reconversion was made possible by him talking to my mind rather than heart. My atheism/scepticism was like living in the wilderness of no purpose and no meaning to life – I would like to thank him for the influence he has had on me. May God rest his soul in peace. Amen.

    Dioscorus Boles

  2. Mere Christianity was the first real book about Christianity that I read, and I loved it. Unlike many authors, Lewis spans many theological and social groups. My grandmother, for instance, loved him. She had a bookshelf devoted to his writings and I inherited them last year after her death. He and Richard Wurmbrand are my favorite authors.

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