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Another chunk of the Selecta in Ezechielem — the remains in Greek of material by Origen on Ezechiel, as printed by Migne — has arrived, leaving only another 11 pages of Migne to go.  I’m told that these chunks of catenas tend to be corrupt and awkward; but sometimes the thought is considerably simpler than it is in Origen.

All this means that Origen on Ezechiel is drawing to an end, and will probably be complete sometime in the new year.  After that, of course, I will have to print it and sell it.  I’m thinking that it might be prudent to hire someone to edit it, design the book, any artwork, etc, rather than try to do it myself.

It’s like websites; anyone can put something together, but to get a professional appearance requires expertise.  I saw an example website that someone was having designed, for a relatively small sum, and it was far better than anything I could do in any reasonable time.  I don’t have any time, anyway; I’ve started a new job, and it means a daily commute which leaves very little time left at the end of the day.  Nor can I do much during the day.  Better to use a professional, perhaps, both from a time and quality point of view.  I wonder where such might be found? 

The translator of the Selecta has indicated willingness to have a go at some of John the Lydian.  I think we’ll do this.  The whole of De mensibus is doubtless interesting, but it’s also long.  I think I’d like to see some return on existing investments of cash in translations before I commission something that costs another $4,000 or so.  It would be prudent, I think. 

So we’ll try doing December from book 4 of De mensibus.  This gives, day by day, a list of what Romans got up to at that time of the month.  It’s only 8 pages, so I’ll just give that away online.


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