Daremberg and Saglio’s “Le Dictionnaire des Antiquités Grecques et Romaines”

… is online here.  (The page is the start of stuff on bruma).  This French dictionary looks very useful, and the referencing to ancient sources isn’t bad either.

Thanks to Bill Thayer for pointing me at this one!

6 thoughts on “Daremberg and Saglio’s “Le Dictionnaire des Antiquités Grecques et Romaines”

  1. Thanks from me too. Quote: Tertullien nous apprend que, de son temps, la fête de l’hiver, Bruma, était célébrée v olontiers par les chrétiens. Interesting.

  2. Yes the DAGR is a very usefull tool despite it’s age. Born from the 1870 defeat of France by Prussia and the scholars’ war that followed, the book is still an unvaluable source for realia, usually rated better than the Smith dictionnary and, on some topics, better than the old Pauly-Wissowa “Real Encyclopaedie der Altertumswissenshaft” german encyclopedy of the same period. But it’s use must be carefull and mainly restricted to ancient sources digging for the text in itself is often dated and can’t be considered a reliable source anymore, exactly as it is for the old Pauly.

  3. (oops wrong key) Unfortunately not that I know, except maybe on Google Books (they must have digitized it by now, it’s such a major book that it must have been in university librairies they have digitized)

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