Fathers in Old Slavonic – 2

A number of ante-Nicene writers exist in an translation in Old Slavonic.

  • Portions of the Shepherd of Hermas, from the Similitudes.
  • The Letter of Barnabas.
  • Ignatius of Antioch, Letters.  I don’t have any details of which ones, tho.
  • The martyrdom of Polycarp
  • The quotation of Papias in the work of Apollinaris on Judas.
  • Barlaam and Joasaf also exists in the list, although it isn’t ante-Nicene!
  • Justin Martyr
  • Irenaeus

I think all of these are extracts, tho.

  • Hipploytus, on the anti-Christ, the end of the world, and the Commentary on Daniel.  Also on the Song of Songs; on Revelation 20; on Proverbs 30; on the 12 apostles and 70 apostles.
  • Origen, On the psalms.
  • (ps).Origen, Dialogue of Adamantius.
  • Dionysius of Alexandria.  There is quite a section of materials by him.
  • Methodius.  Likewise there is a long list of manuscripts containing material.
  • Eusebius.  There’s some sort of explanation about the Psalms.  The Letter to Carpianus, and the canon tables.

Unfortunately now I look at it, I’m finding Harnack’s text almost impossible to understand!


2 thoughts on “Fathers in Old Slavonic – 2

  1. Dear Sir,
    I have been reading (and appreciating) your blog for some months. It is very pleasant to see you are taking interest in Slavonic church literature.
    I wonder if you know about this website: http://www.stsl.ru/manuscripts . This an online collection of manuscripts from the former library of St.Sergius Monastery near Moscow, now in the Russian National Library. If you are acquainted with Cyrillic script, you will see that there are a lot of Church Fathers’ works – online, and for free.
    As for the scholarship in this area, much has been done, especially in recent years, but there remains lots of work to do! Scholars don’t have any serious and up-to-date directory of Slavonic translations yet (as much as there is no critical edition of the Church Slavonic Bible). But if you are interested in this topic, I think I could be able to give you some bibliography.

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