A book on catenas which I can’t find

Has anyone ever heard of or seen a copy of, or mention of Wolf, de catenis patrum graecorum (1712)? It’s a dissertation, and is quoted in older literature.  But … even mentions of it online are rare.

I’ve looked in COPAC, and in the Library of Congress, the BNF… where else should I look?


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  1. Perhaps the bibliographical information is a little off. According to this page in the ThRE, the book with the title “De Catenis patrum graecorum” was written by Johann Friedrich Sigismund Augustin in 1764.

    On the other hand a Christopher Wolf wrote a dissertation called “(Exercitatio in) Catenas Patrum graecorum….” in 1712. According to WorldCat, Cambridge has a copy.

  2. There is a mention of “de catena patrum graecorum” in “Scholia in Vetus Testamentum, Part 6, Volume 1”, on page VIII? Google books

  3. Thank you Stephen for the tip! That must be it, then. I suspect someone wrote “Wolf’s book on catenas” and once translated into Latin this became “de catenis”, and was repeated as if a title!

  4. An email brings me this:

    For Wolf’s De Catenis, I believe this is what you’re looking for:
    http://www.worldcat.org/oclc/14193988&referer=brief_results (3 copies are recorded) / http://books.google.com/books?id=1lOUPAAACAAJ — also, try “Wolfius” and “Catenas” for more references to the dissertation.

    This tells me of a title of 40 pages “Catenas patrum Graec. easque potissimum mss.” For some reason I can’t see any locations, although I am told there are three listed. Anyone able to see them?

    The email continues: ” Another citation of Wolf that may be useful: from the TRE s.v. “Katenen”:
    — Johann Christoph Wolf, Exercitatio in Catenas Patrum Graecorum easque potissimum MSS (Wittenberg, 1712)”

  5. I have just discovered that Wolf’s book is printed as an appendix to Cramer’s catena on the gospels, according to a British Library record. Cramer is now online at Archive.org, so it should be in there somewhere.

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