Armenian fragments of Eusebius on the Gospels?

I’m having another attempt to locate any Armenian fragments of the Gospel Problems and Solutions of Eusebius.  There must be professors of Armenian who know where these might be found.  All I have to do is ask.  As a first shot, I’ve written to Theo van Lint, who is Gulbenkian Professor of Armenian Studies at Oxford, and asked if he can tell me:

  • What catenas there are in Armenian
  • Whether any have been published, or else where the mss are

I don’t know if I will get an answer from this doubtless busy man, but it’s worth a go. 

Some good news; I had rather despaired of ever getting the Coptic fragments completed, but the translator has sprung into life again, and another chunk arrived tonight.  If all the Coptic does arrive in a reasonable period, I might be tempted to look again at the Arabic translation of it recorded by Graf as containing material by Eusebius.

UPDATE: 22nd January, and no reply.  Oh well.


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