Transcribing Eusebius’ Greek

One thing I need to do for the Eusebius book is to get the extracts from Cramer’s catena transcribed into electronic form.  I’ve agreed with someone for this, and emailed him the details of the first couple tonight.  Let’s see how it goes!

Meanwhile I have written back to Brepols.  They claim that they own the text of Jerome and Anastasius that they publish, as an original creative text.  Of course this is absurd, but commonplace.  But an interesting issue; they may be claiming that they own any translation made from that text.  If so, that would mean I cannot use their text.  After all, the idea is to produce a translation that can circulate freely.  In fact it would probably rule out the use of any modern text, unless I started thinking about lawyers. 

But … most of the texts that I am interested in, I am interested in precisely because they are neglected.  They are texts which have never received an English translation, and are unlikely to any time soon.  Mostly they don’t have critical editions.  Indeed most of the Eusebius material has never been edited critically.  So it is possible that even a demand that extreme would not really inconvenience me. 

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