Catalogue of catenas

I have referred previously to G. Karo and I. Lietzmann, Catenarum Graecarum Catalogus, published in the appallingly difficult to obtain Nachrichten der K. Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften zu Gottingen, Philologisch-historische Klasse, 1, 3, 5 (1902).  In pp. 119-151, they classify catenas as types I-VII, following a scheme drawn up by E. Preuschen.  This really should be online.  Does anyone have a copy?

UPDATE: Apparently that volume of the Nachrichten is here.  Thanks to Andrew Eastbourne for the tip.

UPDATE2: I’ve now edited that PDF, removed everything except the Catalogus, and uploaded it to by itself.  It’s here.  That should make it easier to find, and more accessible.

Of course now I need to read it…


4 thoughts on “Catalogue of catenas

  1. Apparently it may be online at (at least an unspecified Klasse from 1894-1933 is mentioned as hosted there open access by my university library catalogue), though at present I can’t seem to access the site. Perhaps worth checking back later?

  2. Though this is now slightly a moot issue for the present instance, I have been able to access the site and it is the mathematical class there rather than the philological-historical class of the Nachrichten hosted there. But the site has various open access journals available. Not many of the open access journals are of relevance for theological or church historical research at the moment, but there is a form to recommend the inclusion of further journals which could in theory rectify this. For what it’s worth.

  3. Ah, well done! Yes, that combination of two “Klasse” causes chaos. I’ve been quite unable to access stuff in the Phil.-Hist. class because it confuses librarians and they can’t find the volumes! (Yes, really). An ILL for one, some years ago, was quite futile.

    Thanks for looking round, tho. I wondered what they had. Maybe we should suggest the Phil.-Hist. Klasse!

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