Working on Eusebius

The cold that I have had over the last couple of weeks has fairly thoroughly disrupted my work schedule on editing the Eusebius.  We all take the energy we have for granted; until it vanishes under the onslaught of a virus.  

Now I have the translation of everything, aside from the Coptic; but it all needs licking into shape.  I need someone to retype the bits of Greek in the footnotes into unicode, and generally work it all together.  I am reluctantly concluding that I will not have the time to do this.

Is there anyone out there with editorial skills (and familiarity with Greek letters!) willing to help me, for money?  If so, please get in touch!

I’ve also had a contract for use of the Greek text of part of the work from the Sources Chretiennes, which I have managed to read and is really quite sensible.  I need to get onto that too.


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