Curious QuarkXpress

I have been experimenting with the trial download of desktop publishing package QuarkXpress.  What a curious thing it is!  I have been quite unable, for instance, to import a Word .doc file with footnotes and get footnotes.  This — surely elementary — ambition has cost me an hour or so of my life.

Off to try Adobe InDesign.  Just getting the download is rather horrible — I hope the program is better!


5 thoughts on “Curious QuarkXpress

  1. I would suggest Adobe FrameMaker, althought it too has something of a learning curve.

  2. I need to start with a bunch of word files and end up with a PDF which is typeset, professional-looking, and can be sent to a printing firm to be turned into books (print on demand).

  3. I can probably help you with that although I’m not sure I can do Greek or Arabic. I have access to FrameMaker and InDesign if necessary. I’d need to know more specifics. Let me know if you are interested. Feel free to use this email address.

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