Updates on various projects

Origen’s Homilies on Ezechiel: homilies 11-14 have come in, in Latin, with a revised nearly-final version of the English translation.  The translator has been struggling with how to format the catena fragments in a readable, usable way — not nearly as easy as you might think, without ending up with very intrusive signs and brackets and quotes of several different types.  The Duval System used for French texts has been interesting to see, for comparison.

Eusebius, Gospel problems and solutions: translations of the two extra Syriac fragments (from the Letters of Severus of Antioch, and the Commentary on the gospels of Ishodad of Merv) have arrived.  I’ve commissioned the translator to type up and vocalise all the Syriac text.  I’ve also sent him the five fragments of Eusebius in the Arabic Christian catena on Matthew edited by Iturbe, for translation and transcription as well.  Finally proofing of the Greek text is now going ahead.  We’ve started with the fragments of the questions To Marinus, printed by Mai and reprinted by Migne (Patrologia Graeca 22) and the first three have been done, and I can already see that the exercise was very necessary.  The translator of the Greek is now otherwise occupied, unfortunately.

My attempt a month ago to commission a translation of a sermon by Severian of Gaballa seems to have failed.  I always ask for a sample page, and I had hoped to do the whole thing by now.  Nothing has come back in response to my emails.  Oh well.  I could really use someone able to translate Greek to professional standard, tho, other than those at work on my other projects.

Rather a long time ago I commissioned a translation of the 20th treatise in Paul Sbath’s collection of 20 Arabic Christian treatise.  I’ve nudged the translator.  I know he will get to it, eventually, and he does a good job.  Let’s hope this gets done soon. 

I think that’s everything currently on the go.  If you ever wonder why I don’t manage to get more translated than I do, these notes should enlighten you. 

Rather annoyingly, I managed to injure myself at the weekend.  It’s probably just a pulled muscle, but at the moment I can’t walk fast or far.  Indeed on Saturday night I couldn’t walk at all.  I’m hoping that this will sort itself out before I go to Syria and Lebanon in 10 days time!


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  1. Re: pulling muscles

    There’s a massage technique thing where you press at certain specific places on a muscle to relax it. I don’t know whether that would help you, but it certainly helped me. I had no idea that some of the muscle groups wrap around in such weird ways, and it turned out the pain was killing me at my knee because of stuff I did to myself five or six inches away, on what I thought was a whole different muscle.

    It could also be something like bad shoes. Boy, nothing worse than going on a vacation with shoes that don’t fit, or are too hard in the wrong places.

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