No Syria trip for me

It seems that I will not be going to Syria.  I hurt myself a week ago, quite by accident, and have been something of a temporary cripple since.  While it’s healing, it isn’t healing fast enough.  I’m not fit to go. 

I am a bit sad about this — I booked at Christmas time and I’ve wanted to go for years.  But it just isn’t sensible to put that much strain on things.  In fact trying to get fit against the clock is a mug’s game anyway.

The tour I booked was Restoration Story with Voyages Jules Verne:

Viewing Palmyra, Crac des Chevaliers, Baalbeck and Byblos, staying in 5-star hotels.

(I’m nothing for staying in a toilet when I’m on holiday, so that tour looked pretty good).

In order to ease the process of claiming, I bought the over-priced insurance from them.  I’ve never had to claim on holiday insurance before; so I was a bit bemused when I rang them this evening to find that they said “YOU have to call the insurance company and sort things out.”  The “insurance company”, of course, turns out to be someone else.   I’d bought from them because I thought it would make claiming easier.  Evidently not! 

Off to the doctor tomorrow to get my claim form stamped.  Joy!


10 thoughts on “No Syria trip for me

  1. Thanks. I was so looking forward to it.

    Looks as if the insurance company may make difficulties on the refund too, from their form. Let’s hope not.

  2. I had to hobble around Syria for several weeks when a once-broken knee suddenly began to act up. Finally had to buy a cane in the Damascus old city and still had a lot of trouble and pain – but it was still worth it. So sorry you had to cancel, and hope the delay won’t be long. There is no place like it, for both the history and the people. Get better.

  3. Thanks for the thought! That sounds awful!

    Yes, I was getting ready to pack a walking stick and all sorts of things to try to mitigate pain. Then I thought, “This is crazy – cancel and rebook when you’re fit.”

  4. I’m a long time lurker (and admirer) and I am sorry to hear this too. I hope all goes well with the insurance claim and that you recover quickly…and stay well!

  5. I should add that VJV’s insurer bilked me good and proper, and that I complained to ABTA about VJV (in vain, but at least it stopped them sending me their brochure any more). VJV let me down very badly.

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