Eusebius update – Coptic transcribed

Excellent news – the chap I commissioned to type up the Coptic text of the fragments of Eusebius in that language has done so and I have the file.  He did an excellent job.  In fact he inlined extracts of the page images, and then typed underneath in unicode.  He said:

I’ve used a Unicode font called Keft. You can download it from if you don’t already have it.

I don’t know if there is a “standard” Coptic font to use, nor how he did his data entry — is there perhaps a Coptic keyboard?  All the same, I am very glad. 

I’ve now passed the file to the Coptic translator for comment, and since she is a little technophobic I am reasonably confident it will blow her socks off!  Very nice piece of work, very quickly done.  (Indeed I was so pleased I added a bonus for quick completion).


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