Mai’s Scriptorum veterum nova collectio e Vaticanibus codicibus – online!

I have just discovered the volumes of Angelo Mai’s massive collection of materials here, all derived from google I think.

I can find some of them directly.  Not sure where the rest are.  Here’s the list (updated – thanks Dioscorus / Walter):


10 thoughts on “Mai’s Scriptorum veterum nova collectio e Vaticanibus codicibus – online!

  1. Thanks for link to Mai.
    I had vols 2,3,6,7 from internet.archive (prob. through
    the “Canadian libraries” link).
    At foot of google page I got the others (4,8,9) – for
    a couple the PDF download link is lurking up in r-hand
    corner (on my screen!).

  2. Walter, do you have the Google link for vol. 4? I have the others.

    Dioscorus: what a wonderful list! How DID you manage to find that? And what is the search term “bibliogroup:”?

  3. Roger, I went to Vol. 1 through your list, then I went to “More book information” and opposite title I clicked on “Scriptorum veterum nova collectio è Vaticanis codicibus” which gave me all the list. I sometimes find Google Books illogical in its responds for searches.

  4. Dear Roger, Thank you so much. I had only vol. 1,2 and 5 and could not find the others!
    I found yesterday the 4 volumes of the “Bibliotheca Orientalis Clementino-Vaticana”, but it is long to download them!

  5. Angelo-Mai-Scriptorum-Veterum-Nova-Collectio vol. 2.10 are in digitised by bsb munich
    vol. 1-10 digitised by google are in scribd

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