Killing the dipsticks of the world

It’s funny how the world can suddenly become a hostile place!  I thought people might be amused by the litany of improbable problems that has prevented me from doing something simple this evening.

I got an email today from one of the people I’m working with, saying that they couldn’t work out how to install a unicode font, so could I print some stuff for them and send them out.  They don’t want advice, I find.  I don’t have much choice, but I cursed when I read this; I’m tired and have much to do.

  • I get home after a very long day, dog-tired, fire up the Windows 7 laptop, plug in the Canon i560 inkjet, a couple of years old, and … it won’t install. 
  • I search out the drivers disk… it says it isn’t compatible.
  • I hunt around the web — it’s nearly impossible to find ANY driver.  I find pages saying Canon won’t support Win7 for this product.  I download the XP driver.  It refuses to install.
  • Fine, I boot up the Vista  machine — and it locks up.  I look for my XP machine… and then think, hang on, why am I bothering with all this pain.  Let’s just use my laser printer.
  • I plug in the laser, print 3 pages and … the toner light comes on and it too refuses to print.
  • At that point I give in.  I am NOT going to attempt to change toner while stumbling tired.

But I won’t be buying a Canon ever again.

Sorry everyone — if you’re waiting for something from me, I am too frazzled to do it this evening!


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