Mark Ashton and the bishop

One thing that struck me as odd when I was looking back at Mark Ashton’s life was that he was never made an honorary canon of the cathedral, Ely.  His predecessor, Mark Rushton, did receive that honour.  I thought it was worth asking the diocese about this.

I had a somewhat stiff reply from the diocesan office.  They told me that Bishop Anthony Russell (now retired) did offer to make him a canon, but the offer was declined by Mark.  Apparently it was thought that some at the Round Church would not approve, along the lines of “Call no man father”.

It’s not easy to understand this explanation, which if true would involve some condemnation of Mark Rushton for accepting it.  No doubt the truth will come out one day.


2 thoughts on “Mark Ashton and the bishop

  1. Little events like these make readers who never knew Mark Ashton in his earthly life appreciate him as a man of rare saintly qualities. May God rest his soul in peace? Amen.

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