Mark Ashton and the bishop

One thing that struck me as odd when I was looking back at Mark Ashton’s life was that he was never made an honorary canon of the cathedral, Ely.  His predecessor, Mark Rushton, did receive that honour.  I thought it was worth asking the diocese about this.

I had a reply from the Bishop’s office.  It seems that Bishop Anthony Russell (now retired) did offer to make him a canon, but the offer was declined.  Apparently it was thought that some at the Round Church would not approve, along the lines of “Call no man father”.

I got the impression that having honours declined did not happen very often!

2 thoughts on “Mark Ashton and the bishop

  1. Little events like these make readers who never knew Mark Ashton in his earthly life appreciate him as a man of rare saintly qualities. May God rest his soul in peace? Amen.

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