Berthelot’s Greek Alchemical Texts

I never knew that a collection of Greek alchemical texts existed with French translation in four volumes, but it does: Edition: M. Berthelot/Ch. Em. Ruelle, Collection des anciens alchimistes grecs , Paris 1887-1888.  Better still, much of it is online.

  • Volume 1 (
  • Volume 2-3 (  Vol. 2 is Zosimos; p.244 of the PDF is the start of vol. 3, old authors and technical texts and commentators.
  • Volume 3-4 (Google books).  Volume 4 seems to be indexes.

The packaging of these volumes in PDF’s is unfortunate.  Nor do I see various texts of the Byzantine period, such as Stephanos of Alexandria.  But … still worth knowing about.


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