Mister, do my homework for me, huh?

This morning I received an email, sent through the feedback form on the Tertullian Project website, from someone calling himself “Dan”, sent from an AOL address.  It was untitled, and the entire text was as follows:

What does Tertullian identify as the cause of heresy?

How does Tertullian respond to the quoting of “Seek and Ye Shall Find?”

What is the conclusion of Tertullian’s argument?

What is his prescription against heretics?

The message lacks something,  spiritually.  It lacks a “Dear Mr. Pearse”, and a “Please would you tell me”.  It lacks a “Thank you for your valuable time”.  It lacks, indeed, any personal content at all. 

Somehow I didn’t feel that I ought to give an answer to these “questions”!


4 thoughts on “Mister, do my homework for me, huh?

  1. Follow your feelings!!
    Off topic: anybody working with PL might like to check out the site at Bielfeld(?) univ. They’re using Chadwyck-H, but am not sure how useful it may be.
    Google: innativitati
    that should get you to the site – play around from there…
    … and thanks for Oxyrynchus!

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