Eusebius on Psalm 51 (52) uploaded in English

A while back Andrew Eastbourne translated a portion of the Commentary on the Psalms by Eusebius of Caesarea (CPG 3467), starting at psalm 51.  The remains of the commentary on the first 50 psalms are recovered from catenas, but a manuscript of the complete text of the next 50 survives in Paris, so this was a good place to start.

I didn’t actually commission this, but it’s floated around since.  Rather than see it lost, I’ve stumped up for it, and released it into the public domain.  The word .doc file is on, here.  You can get the same file from this blog here: Eusebius-Comm-in-Ps-51.  And I will turn it into HTML and add it to the Fathers collection this evening (or this weekend).

I hope it’s useful.  If people would like to see more psalms, let me know.

UPDATE: Html version here.  PDF version here: Eusebius-Comm-in-Ps-51.


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