From my diary

My last contract finished on Friday, so I’m at home and looking for another.  It’s also a good opportunity to catch up on outstanding projects.

I got hold of a copy of Vermaseren’s excavation report for the Mithraeum under the church of Santa Prisca in Rome.  I’m trying to make a PDF of this for private use, because I only have it for a fortnight.  Sadly it’s so heavy that scanning it is pretty difficult!  Also it’s so hot and humid that the urge to do much tends to evapourate.  And I keep feeling the urge to paint walls! 

I hope to go to Norwich and visit the cathedral library.  I think they have a copy of the editio princeps of Cyril of Alexandria’s Contra Iulianum.  I need to research which edition to use, because one day I still want to get a translation made of it.



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