Yet more Eusebius

I do need to take a week off and just potter around. But I’m still hacking away at the Eusebius. 

I sometimes go out to a local restaurant.  I tend to find that it takes them a while to take my order, to serve each course, and so on, so I tend to take a book with me.  In this case I took the print-off’s of the Eusebius volume, and a red pen, and worked through  the Syriac fragments.  I came back and typed them up, and then did similar changes to the Coptic and Arabic.  And … somehow it’s 5 O’Clock! 

Looking at the Coptic made me realise how little related these were to the rest of the fragments.  I suspect that a good many of them are spurious.

I’ve passed the manuscript across to someone to advise on whether to get it professionally edited or to go straight to typesetting.


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