A little light dusting and the Chronicle of Zuqnin

I have a tendency to have Word documents on my Windows Desktop.  A couple of these have been staring at me for a while now, and I decided that I needed to do something about them.  What, I wondered, was “denys.doc”?

Well, it related to this post; the opening portion of the fourth part of the Syriac Chronicle of ps.Dionysius of Tell-Mahre, otherwise known as  the Chronicle of Zuqnin from the place where the manuscript was found.  I must have scanned the opening pages — although I don’t seem to have that scan now — and perhaps I worked on them on another PC.  Anyway I have tidied them away.  But the material was certainly interesting, relating to the end of the Roman period and the Moslem invasions.  The French was easy enough, and online.  I may look at this a  bit more this evening.


2 thoughts on “A little light dusting and the Chronicle of Zuqnin

  1. I would wait with patience for the Chronicle of Pseudo-Dionysius of Tell-Mahre. It is very important in studying the history of Middle-Eastern Christianity, particularly at the time of the Arab invasion.

  2. There is a full English translation of both parts III and IV by Amir Harrak, the president of the Canadian Syriac Society, or so I discover. The Moslem invasion is certainly covered, but rather briefly. I’ll probably translate that and post it today.

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