From my diary

A massive and unexpected bill arrived today — nearly $400 — from the translator of the Greek for comparing the Greek text of the fragments of Eusebius back against the printed pages of Mai etc.  Ouch!  I had not realised that so large a bill was pending; I thought the comparison would be relatively quick. 

It’s a reminder to me to get quotes in advance, rather than presuming bits of work will be relatively short.  That unfortunately adds almost 10% to the cost of  the project, which is bad news indeed.  It’s one of those tasks which is worth doing, in an absolute sense; but probably will never justify itself by the extra number of copies sold. 

Thankfully I am back earning money again, so I can afford it – it would have been very serious otherwise! 

The changes will be rolled up and send as one to the typesetter at some subsequent point.  There’s a few, but nothing really significant, or that would take all that long to apply, if I put them on the PDF pages as stickys.


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