The morning after the night before

Time to tidy the blog.  I thought I’d go through all the linked blogs and check they still exist and are still active.  Not all of them were!  A reduced list appears to the right of this post.  I do read quite a few of these, although more are reference sources than anything else.

I also removed one or two that seemed to have drifted off the subject for which I added them.  Of course I have political views, like everyone else, but I try to keep them out of this place.   I don’t link to the political blogs that I read.   This is because I tend to evaluate a blog by what it links to.  If I go to some blog, I try to work out whether the author is someone I want adding stuff to my mind.  A glance around the posts is one clue; the blogroll is another.

Now I don’t really want people closing their eyes to what I say because I happen to link to some blog that is a banner-waver for some political position.  This is not a political blog, after all, and people of every political persuasion should be able to find material to read here and without insult to their politics.


2 thoughts on “The morning after the night before

  1. That seems like a thoughtful and appropriate policy. Long live the glorious Blues and Greens!

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