From my diary

Employment beckons, and dealing with the paperwork associated with that, chasing people up, and so forth, has filled up today. 

I’ve emailed a PDF of the Eusebius book across to the Sources Chretiennes people for their approval.  I’m reprinting their Greek text, so it is a condition of doing so that they review the manuscript.  There are still a few corrections to add, but this can happen in parallel, if it takes them long to reply (as I think it might).  I was going to process my list of corrections into the PDF today, but was too distracted by real-world stuff.  There are really only a few, tho, I was pleased to see.

I’ve also been looking at Theodor Birt’s Die antike Buchwesen (The ancient book-trade).  After translating a few paragraphs, I have run the PDF through Finereader 9 to get a better OCR’d text.  I was hoping to do some more on this, but again was distracted.  Maybe later.

It seems possible  that I may get the rest of this week to myself, however.  If so I will try to deal with both of these.


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