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My new job is going well, so I must start chasing up projects like Philip of Side and the Origen book. 

It’s not been possible to do anything interesting this week.  It’s hard to think of anything else when you’re up early and back late.  But I will get back to ancient world stuff soon.

I’m thinking about cover designs for the Eusebius book, and indeed asking for suggestions on how it should look. 

One element that will be required is some form of company logo.  I’ve put out an enquiry with a graphic design firm.  If they do a good job, I’ll get them to do a sales website as well.

Lightning Source, who will be printing the book, continue to be a pain to deal with.  I’ve now received from them a formal contract to sign.  It looks as if you have to be incorporated to do business (which, fortunately, I am).  The materials from them that I am supposed to read now total over 100 pages.  Fortunately I read contracts regularly, as part of my secret identity as a latter-day Bruce Wayne (!), so these should present no problems.

Still no news from Les editions du Cerf on whether they are happy with what I have done with their Greek text.  I shall have to enquire whether anyone else at the firm can assist me.  I’ve just been too busy to bother.  Maybe next week!


4 thoughts on “From my diary

  1. Hi Roger,
    By Origen project are you still referring to Homilies on Ezekiel? If so there’s a translation out by Scheck in the Ancient Christian Writer’s series; available via Amazon (from this page which is a great resource)

  2. Yes, the appearance of the Scheck translation was very bad news. But by then the translation was pretty much done. Some of it needs revision, but not a lot. My version also includes all the Greek fragments, which the Scheck volume does not. But I can imagine that selling it will be a challenge! Never mind — it will still go online in the end.

  3. Don’t despair, there may still be a market for your Origen book, especially if it is competitively priced and can be distributed without outrageous postage costs!

    It’s a great little webpage for Origen, isn’t it? Well done to the author. Glad to hear it is of use to you too.

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