The things we rely on

We do rely on our health, don’t we?  Just take it for granted, and complain that we can’t pack any more into the hours we have.  That is, until the plague strikes, and suddenly we can do nothing.  Nothing at all.  At such times, I become conscious of how much I take for granted.  A microbe smaller than I can see can lay this vast estate of body and mind low.

From which sentiments a critical reader may infer that I am unwell; and so indeed it is.  I went down with a virus yesterday, and slept for 13 hours last night.  It means I lose a day (unpaid) from work.  A beautiful day outside, with which I can do little.  Will it be like this when we all get old, I wonder?  Just sitting around, waiting for my elderly body to gather enough energy together to do anything at all?

I’ve staggered to the computer, to tell my boss not to expect me, and I’ve been trying to download some of the CSEL volumes from Google books.  But my head hurts — even clicking links is too much.   I think I shall go back to bed.  And … drat it … I can’t even read.

So don’t expect much posting, hey? 


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