Eusebius update

A long email from the translator about some issues with the Latin text.  One problem is that we are reprinting three different bits of Latin — one from a modern edition, with “young man” given as “iuuenis”, another from a 19th century edition where it is “iuvenis”, and another from a 16th century volume where it is also “iuvenis”.  The latter two are much smaller in length.  What do we do?

What I have decided to do is reprint the edition and not harmonise them.  There’s also other work on the Latin that needs doing, where we switched edition after the translation was complete.

I’m still feeling rather under the weather, but thankfully the translator is willing to take on some editorial duties and look after it. 

I’ve also started thinking about the cover again.  For the hardback the author and title, followed by a circular logo for the publisher, all in gold and on dark cloth, would seem possible.  If it works for Brepols it should work for me.  I’ve got together some examples, and I will send these over to a graphic design company.

The contracts to print the book have now been signed with Lightning Source.  So we are getting very close indeed here!


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